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The key points of this program are:

  • Rules of Chess
  • Basic moves
  • How to use your pieces
  • Basic elements of strategy and tactics


After completion of this program you’ll be able to play chess, you’ll know all needed basic elements.


The key points of our advanced program are:

  • Theory and openings
  • Strategy: how to develop plans, how to analyze position
  • Tactics
  • Endings
  • How to think like grandmaster


The program is based on the methodology of training chess players at specialized chess schools and allows to significantly improve the quality of the game.

Tournament Player

This program is dedicated to players who want to play often tournaments and want to win.


Some key differences are:

  • Determining your favorite openings and deep understanding of it.
  • Advanced tactics and strategy training.
  • Terminals – how to play it really well.
  • Developing your deep and fast computing capability
  • How to think like a master during your game.


The program is based on the methodology of deep training for professional chess players (level 1800 and up) in specialized chess schools and allows you to really understand chess and be ready for almost any tournament.

Online Lessons

All of the programs written here are available for remote studying as one-to-one so in groups. Usage of present-day technologies allows to study chess from all over the world (if you have an access to Internet). Intent and correct process of learning online can provide you a knowledge not worse than experience received in traditional way.


Flexible schedule and working in comfort zone for student are two more advantages.

Group & private lessons

Why our school

We consider chess not only as a sport but also as a tool to expand your outlook, to develop your hidden potential and to make you a well-rounded person






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You Will Develop

This game represents our daily life as we are the only ones who are responsible for every step we take and every decision we make as in chess so in life. Coming over elements of chess strategy we exercise our logical thinking, time management, creative problem solving
and competitiveness.

Enjoy the process of learning

Inspiring classes

Whilst chess competitions fodge your stamina and spirit, evolve team work skills, train to be a fighter and to advocate your point of view, richness of combinations helps to upgrade your imagination.


Eager Beaver Chess School will help you and your children to dive into the ocean of BIG professional chess!


Key elements of our chess club:
– Effective training in small groups
– Lesson plans are based on specialized chess school methodology
– Our students can take a part in competitions organized by the World Chess Federation (FIDE)

Local & International Partners

Our trainers will give your children a full play to scholastic chess and will reveal the world of big chess on Canadian and International arenas.

We collaborate with

Сhess and Math Association

Quebec Chess Federation

Chess Federation of Canada

World Chess Federation