About us

Alex Kapush

Founder of Eager Beavers Chess Club. Devoted a great deal of his life to chess. Started learning chess at the age of 4 and since that time he has never left a chess board.

Here are just some of his achievements:

  • USSR Candidate Master – obtained this rank at the age of 12 being head-to-head with experienced mature players
  • Multiple winner and awardee of regional, provincial, national and international competitions in chess
  • Certified instructor FIDE (World Chess Federation)
  • Certified trainer FQE (Quebec Chess Federation)
  • Frequent participant of international seminars and workshops for chess trainers

This club was established to give children and adults an opportunity to study chess professionally and effectively. It is kind of a social project, built up to make youth lose taste for useless pastime and to cultivate personal growth and self-evolution.

Our process of education is based on a professional training program of specialized chess schools with addition of new methods and approaches which allow to make a training process more interactive and interesting.

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